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Pun books | Pun Enchanted Evenings | A delightful pun book

Pun Enchanted Evenings

Winner, 2011. Humor
Global eBook Award

A “…funny… attractive book… [that] entertains…” 

— Little Rock Daily Record

“… a delight to read, full of all sizes of laughs from a tickling giggle to the full belly laugh.”

— Midwest Book Review

“…funny … joke book…”

— Memphis Daily News

“David Yale certainly is well eQuipped for the task … you’ll be entertained…”

— BookLoons.Com

Pun Enchanted Evenings, is a hilarious collection of 746 Original Word Plays by the pundit of double entendres, David R. Yale. It is the only source of answers to many of today’s perplexing questions, like:

  • Which tropical islands are havens for insects? The Ant hillies!
  • What would you think about a potion that turns people into cats? I don’t know, but it would give me paws!
  • Why did early computer designers avoid the binary number system? They thought it was un-ten-able!
  • Why shouldn’t you put a baby’s dirty diapers in the laundry bin? You wouldn’t want to hamper his movements!

Covering every subject from Arizona to zealous crusaders, Pun Enchanted Evenings will provide hours of amusement for pun, riddle, and moron joke lovers. It includes bi-lingual puns, the best new moron puns since the Fifties, and information on the first scientific studies showing the mental superiority of pun-lovers!

The details of Professor Sue Crohse’s sweet study in the Journal of Ego and Id-eology, which Yale reveals for the first time, show that 98.4% of the job applicants hired who laughed or smiled at puns had positive performance evaluations during the next three years.

But only 32.6% of the groaners performed well in the same period. Professor Crohse predicts that pun response tests will become a standard component of employ-ment interviews by the year 2025. Of course if you’re a pun lover you’ve probably suspected this all along.

“Stupundous!” says R. E. Porter in the The Undertaker’s Die-Jest. “Pun-etrating Humor!” writes Anna Littikl of Sighchology Today.

And Daniel Anker, a beloved punster in Yale’s novel, The Real Paul Makinen? finally admitted, “All my puns are inspired by David’s books. But keep it a secret, okay?”

Pun books | Homes Pun Humor | A delightful pun book

HomesPun Humor

Finalist, 2014. Humor
Indie Excellence Book Awards
USA Best Book Awards

“…clever satire…”
— Luis Gronda,
Queens Tribune

“…highly recommended…the healing power of humor…shines in this book.”
— Carole McDonnell, Compulsivereader.com

“…delightful…funny book…[for] lovers of humor and word-play…”
— The-Book-Review.Com

This winning combination of very funny puns and clever satire from Champion punster David R. Yale was a finalist in both the Indie Excellence and USA Best Book Awards.

Yale’s collection of 823 wildly original word plays includes droll daffynitions that turn your understanding of common words insight out, and playful pun stories with priceless PUNchlines.

Covering almost every subject from airplanes to zoology, Yale’s puns about doctors, relationships, cats & dogs, lawyers, teenagers, food, knights, Greek gods, writers, farmers, bankers, politics — and lots more — guarantee a full 1,000 gigglebytes of belly laughs.

In addition to Yale’s puns, and information on new scientific studies proving the mental superiority of punsters, HomesPun Humor showcases the work of 16 of the world’s best punsters, including O. Henry Pun-Off, Punderdome,® and Punsr champs!

Further, HomesPun Humor reveals confidential insider information you won’t find anywhere else:

• The secret of efficient hay farming. (Slow mow shun!)

• Why the army won’t serve second helpings of ice cream. (That would be re-treating!)

• What must you never plant on a green roof. (Leeks!)

• Leading doctor’s secret for getting over the grippe. (Study French. You’ll soon become flu went!)

• What do you call a stolen Venetian boat? (Gone-dola!)

Punsters and language lovers will find it hard to put this book down. But Yale’s entertaining style makes it impossible to overdo wit!