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Known for heartwarming portrayals of ordinary people, David R. Yale has had fiction published in Midstream and Response. His story, The Front Room, won a Writers’ Digest award.

David’s book, HomesPun Humor, was a finalist in both the 2014 Indie Excellence® and USA Best Book Awards.

His first job was as a nursery school teacher. In the 1970s, David was recreation director at Shingle Creek and Bohannon Parks in North Minneapolis.

He has taught writing at the University of Minnesota and The School of Visual Arts. Until his recent retirement, he was an international direct-mail-marketing consultant.

David has read from his fiction at Union College, Claremont College, The Mendota (Minnesota) Jazz Emporium, and UCLA.

David would love to hear your thoughts about his books.

Contact him at TellDavid@DavidRYale.Com.

Follow David on Twitter @DavidRYale.

“Tell The World You Love Becoming JiJi!”

I hope you enjoyed reading Becoming JiJi! I’d like to ask for a small favor. I don’t have a huge publisher behind me, so I need all the help I can get to let the world know about the heartwarming story of Jill and Joe. Here are a two quick ways you can pitch in:

1. Write a review of Becoming JiJi on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Barnes&Noble.com, or all three!

It doesn’t have to be long. A sentence or two will do it, although you could write more. If you’re comfortable with videos, you can even record a short video in addition to the written review, but you don’t have to!

Just follow these easy steps for Amazon. B&N will be similar:

a. The easiest way is to write your review before you go to the Amazon or B&N website.
b. Find Becoming JiJi on the website.
c. Go about midway down the page to the section headed, “Customer Reviews.” Click on the gray Create Your Own Review button.
d. If you don’t already have an account at Amazon, you’ll be asked to create one by entering your email, a password, and a credit card number. Don’t worry; they’ll only charge your card if you buy something!
e. Once you log in, you’ll be asked to rate Becoming JiJi from one star to five, with five the highest rank. Click on the right-most white star.
f. When you click on the star, two text boxes will open. Paste your review into the top box.
g. Paste your headline into the bottom box.
h. If you recorded a video, click the gray Add Photos/Videos box.
i. If you didn’t record a video, no problem! Click the gold Submit box.
j. That’s it!

2. Ask your library to order a copy of Becoming JiJi. Please be sure to give them the ISBN numbers:
978-0-9791766-2-3 for paperback
978-0-9791766-8-5 for eBook.
Please let the librarian know they can get special terms for library orders by going to AHealthyRelationship.Com/Libraries

Thank you for all you do!


David R. Yale

David R. Yale

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