Heartwarming Portrayals of Ordinary People

Working class girl becomes world class singer

Becoming JiJi:
“Authentic and Inspiring 1970s Feminist Coming-of-Age Story”

Jill Frisk, 18-year-old daughter of a violent father and shattered mother, got straight As in high school, but her 1970s blue collar neighborhood discouraged women’s dreams. The prospect of an existence like her mother’s holds Jill in the grip of depression.

Joe Stern, the new recreation director, sees Jill differently. He helps her found a teen council that uplifts the neighborhood.

With his encouragement, she rises above her depression and discovers she has a world-class singing voice.

Empowered with the promise of a future she never dreamed possible, Jill finds a safe home for her family and brings her mother back to life.

Jill falls in love with Joe, though she’s too shy to tell him before he suddenly leaves town.

Will new, improved Jill have the guts to pursue him, woo him, help him overcome his secret past, win his hand, and become a successful musician?

You’ll love this heartwarming story by an awardwinning author with characters seem so real they’ll feel like good friends. JiJi will raise your spirits and inspire you.

288 pages, eBook or paperback. First book in the Shingle Creek Sagas. Includes 38 curated links to music mentioned in the book.

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David R. Yale

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